Curious about faith? Alpha is for you!

Join a series of group conversations that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith in an open, friendly environment. 

Everyone's welcome! You're invited, no matter your background or beliefs. It's free and there's not pressure to come back. 

Our Alpha course is starting Monday, June 3rd at 6pm via Zoom. Each session will include a short video and discussion time. We will meet every Monday for 12 weeks.

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Questions & Answers

Alpha helps create a space for honest conversation around some of life’s biggest questions. It is designed to provide guests an opportunity to connect with one another while providing the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, and opinions in a safe and caring environment. Alpha helps bring people together while providing the chance to encounter Jesus.

Each session will have a video talk and a chance for conversation.

Video Talk – The talks, usually around 30 minutes long, explore the basics of the Christian faith and are designed to inspire conversation. 

Conversation – There is a discussion after the talk where you can share your thoughts and ideas on the session’s topic. You can say anything.

Alpha is for anyone. Some join because they want to move beyond religion and find a relationship with God. Others come for the long-lasting friendships built during an Alpha course. Some have never been to church, others may have attended church occasionally or regularly but feel they’ve never understood the basics of Christian faith, or simply long to articulate why they believe what they believe. Others are new to following Jesus and are looking to establish a firm foundation for growth. Everyone is welcome!

Over the 12 weeks of the Alpha course, topics will include: Is there a God? Why am I here? What about other religions? What is my purpose? Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? How can I have faith? Why and how should I read the Bible?

You can find out all sorts of information about Alpha on their website: