We can't do this without you!

As a church plant, we need your partnership financially!
Refuge Vineyard Church (RVC) is a place where anyone can find peace,
grace, acceptance, warmth, and relationship. All at your own pace.
It is important to us that everyone has opportunities to connect with
the living God through:
- Sincere, intimate worship,
- The truth of God’s word (the Bible),
- Hands on, Holy Spirit led prayer ministry,
- A warm and authentic community,
- Free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate (for those long winter months).

Relationships are the currency of the Kingdom of God!
By partnering with RVC you are assisting in the building of relationships
with everyone who calls Refuge home, people and businesses in our
community, and those people/organizations we partner with around the

You are partnering with RVC to provide opportunities to form and build
relationships for the people that call Refuge home, as well as those
beyond our walls.
To do this, we need your help to create and sustain:
- A top-notch kids ministry, which includes those kids with special
needs, where they can make friends and grow in their relationship
with Christ.
- An engaging student ministry, preparing our tweens and teens
for the real world. They are the church of today!
- A recovery ministry that is a safe place to find community and
freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.
- An outreach ministry that brings hope to the less fortunate in our
- An engaging, unpredictable, Sunday service that encourages all
of us to connect with the living God throughout the week.

Thank you for partnering with Refuge Vineyard Church to advance
God’s Kingdom!

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